Inspiring the next generation

End of Year Showcase

Singer Mia Sylvester with two dancers from youth dance group Rhythmix 

2015 saw the first "I Choose to Succeed" showcase! A 10 week inspirational project at Avenue Centre of Education (ACE) with guest visits from Keshi Anderson, Aaron Fontaine and Arran Stewart, was concluded with a showcase at Hightown Recreation centre. Performances from Rhythmix Dance, David Monroe, Elsadie, Samara, Double Dutch, awarding winning Rhythm Junkies and the Voice UK contestant, Mia Sylvester provided a great event for Luton to enjoy. With young people on the project contributing to the running of the showcase, we continued to raise aspirations for those needing it most.

2016 sees us move to a larger venue on November 10th with awards for: Role Model of the Year, Supporting Role of the Year, Young Academic Achiever of the Year and Young Sports Achiever of the Year. Being held at Luton Library Theatre, Mia Sylvester and Rhythm Junkys return with a special guest appearance from actor Aaron Fontaine, for a night for all to enjoy.